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Zedlabz Nintendo 2DS Hard Case review: A brilliant way to protect the 2DS

While looking around on Amazon for a hard case for my Nintendo 2DS, I came across many decent looking cases, but there was one that instantly gained my attention and that was the Zedlabz Nintendo 2DS hard case.

Zedlabz Nintendo 2DS hard case design

As you would expect the Zedlabz Nintendo 2DS hard case is the same shape as the 2DS itself. It comes in two halves which join together to create a clamshell design that can be opened and closed to remove or replace the 2DS. It locks using some small studs at the bottom of the case, these actually do a fantastic job of keeping the case securely shut. if you need to open it to clean your 2DS or for whatever other reason, there are two small grooves you can slip your finger nails under to easily open the case.

The plastic used is a sturdy polycarbonate material, which gives it a quite decent level of resistance to minor falls. It’s also see-through, so you can still see much of the DS exterior although given the fact my case is blue, it does mean the exterior of the DS looks mostly blue, with exception to the areas around the buttons. Since it’s see-through it does mean you can still see all of the 2DS’s status lights.

Zedlabz Nintendo 2DS Hard Case  Zedlabz Nintendo 2DS Hard Case

The cutouts for the buttons are nice and large and leave a bit of space between the buttons and the edges of the cutouts. The same can be said for the front camera, rear cameras, shoulder buttons, sleeping switch, the charging and earphones port and the WiFi status light. The speaker grill has nine precisely cut holes that line up very nicely with the speaker itself.

Despite the same polycarbonate material being used for both the back and front of the Zedlabz Nintendo 2DS hard case, it section has its own texture. The front is smooth and shiny, while the back is dull and textured for good grip. I really do like this two texture design, but I have found the front of the case has become quite easily scratched from minimal use.

Zedlabz Nintendo 2DS Hard Case  Zedlabz Nintendo 2DS Hard Case

Zedlabz Nintendo 2DS hard case in use

The Zedlabz Nintendo 2DS hard case fits the console well with no issues. All of the buttons, ports and lights are fully visible and accessible. It doesn’t add too much weight either, although you will notice a slight difference.

Gripping the console with this case on is also quite easy thanks to the textured rear. I haven’t yet once dropped it with this case on and hopefully, never will.


The Zedlabz Nintendo 2DS hard case is a fantastic way to protect the handheld console from accidents such as drops and nudges. It fits the 2DS well and allows easy access to all important parts. The only issue I have with it is that it does get scratched easily.

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Overall score

Zedlabz Nintendo 2DS Hard Case




In use



  • Well made
  • Opens and closes
  • Buttons and other essentials all easy to access


  • Does accumulate scratches easily
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