Edifier R1580MB 2.0 speaker system

Edifier R1580MB 2.0 Speaker System review

Edifier’s range of speakers is vast and wide with some costly options and some wallet-friendly options, the Edifier R1580MB 2.0 speaker system falls in the latter category costing less than £90.00, oh and it doubles as a PA system thanks to two microphone inputs. Specifications POWER OUTPUT:R/L: 21W + 21W RMS NOISE LEVEL:25dB(A) MICROPHONE DYNAMIC RANGE:-50~30dBV […]

Edifier MP200 portable speaker

Edifier MP200 Portable Speaker review

I’ve reviewed many Edifier speakers over the past year, but the Edifier MP200 portable speaker is quite different to what I’m used to reviewing for Edifier, as it’s, as the title says, ”portable’. Having been impressed many times by Edifier’s offering of bookshelf speakers, I was really excited to get my hands on this tiny bag-friendly […]

Edifier R1850DB bookshelf speaker

Edifier R1850DB Bookshelf Speaker review

Edifier has recently decided to add a new member to its already impressive bookshelf speaker lineup and in doing so it has created a speaker that combines an old-school design with the latest technology. The Edifier R1850DB bookshelf speaker set features Bluetooth 4.0 as well as digital audio input, analog input RCA input. With a slightly […]

Zealot S7

Zealot S7 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker review: A speaker worthy of a bigger name

The Zealot S7 wireless Bluetooth speaker is a beast of a portable device and boasts several different features including MicroSD playback compatibility, blue LED lighting and USB device charging as well as the standard Bluetooth and AUX connections found on many portable Bluetooth speakers. Zealot S7 wireless Bluetooth speaker features Ineradicable Loud Stereo Sound:ZEALOT S7 […]

Dazhong Portable Wireless Microphone

Dazhong Portable Wireless Microphone With Built-In Speaker review: A two in one with a premium apperance

The Dazhong portable wireless microphone is a two in one microphone and speaker. This means it can be used a general microphone with its own built-in speaker or just as a speaker for listening to music through Bluetooth. Dazhong Portable Wireless Microphone product information The following information is taken from the product listing and is here […]


Trendwoo Rockpals Time Keeper Outdoor IP65 Bluetooth Speaker/Powerbank In One review: Music meets the outside world securely

Today I am reviewing the Trendwoo Rockpals Time Keeper Outdoor IP65 Bluetooth Speaker/Powerbank. This is one seriously buffed up speaker that has been designed for use both indoors and outdoors. Design: This is quite possibly the most rugged Bluetooth speaker I have ever come across. While it’s about the normal size for a Bluetooth speaker in terms […]