Check out these tablets and PC’s currently on the Gearbest flash sale

Gearbest flash sale

If you are currently looking for an affordable tablet or PC for work or just fun, then check out these offers from the folks at Gearbest in their Gearbest flash sale. There’s a mix of tablets and laptops starting from as little as £50.00 aswell as tablet accessories from as little as £12.00. So why not take a look? One such offer that has caught my eye is the Teclast Tbook 2-in1 laptop/tablet which is currently on sale at £164.34 which is a steal considering this is a device that dual…

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ESYNiC 2.4G Wireless Ergonomic Design Vertical Mouse review: A good idea, but is it correctly executed ?

Ergonomic Design Vertical Mouse

Introduction: Welcome to my ESYNiC 2.4G Wireless Ergonomic Design Vertical Mouse review. With a vertical body this mouse has been designed with comfort in mind, but just how good is it ? Design and quality: I have used a similar mouse to this before, so I had no issues adjusting to the shape and style of this mouse. While I like the style I do have to admit I’m not overall pleased with the design of this mouse. I’ll go into why shortly. The mouse isn’t as big as the previous one…

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TeckNet Omni Mini 2.4G Wireless Mouse review: A small mouse for carrying about with ease

TeckNet Omni Mini 2.4G Wireless Mouse review

Introduction: Welcome to my TeckNet Omni Mini 2.4G Wireless Mouse review. If you carry a laptop about or don’t like using the mice at work, you will find a wireless mouse very handy, particularly if it’s as small as this one. Design: I have to admit I am not a fan of the exterior shell fo this mouse, it looks good but it feels awful and that’s because it’s made from a thin plastic and has no rubber coating for grip at all. While it has a curved design like most…

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ZaKitane KOTION EACH GS700 Gaming Headset review: A stylish and powerful wallet friendly headset

ZaKitane KOTION EACH GS700 Gaming Headset review

Introduction: Welcome to my ZaKitane KOTION EACH GS700 Gaming Headset review. This is a relatively low-priced gaming headset (at the time of this review it’s £20.99). Design: I have owned a few budget friendly Kotion Each gaming headsets and not once have I ever been overly impressed with the build quality of any Kotion Each headset, that is until now. Yes, the material used is still plastic for the most part, but it feels much more sturdier than previous headsets from this company. The overall feel is just so good and I…

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ECHTPower Professional Gaming Headset review: A wallet friendly gaming headset

ECHTPower Professional Gaming Headset review

Introduction: Welcome to my ECHTPower Professional Gaming Headset review. This is a budget headset that has no fancy bells or whistles. It’s, in fact, a model I have reviewed before but with different branding. Design: In terms of build quality, this headset does feel slightly cheap and tacky in part to the fact it is made mainly from a hollow feeling plastic. The only other noticeable material is the padding around the earcups and the headband. Talking of padding I am happy to say these are quite comfortable to wear as both lots…

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