Over one billion accounts breached in Yahoo hack

Yahoo hack

You may have seen news recently about another Yahoo hack, but if not here’s some news about it. If you have a Yahoo account you may want to change your password right now as the company has confirmed that over one billion accounts were subject to data theft in an attack that took place in 2013. Yahoo has stated that such data may have included E-mail addresses, names, phone numbers, hashed passwords as well as encrypted or unencrypted security answers and questions. Back in September 2016, Yahoo suffered another data…

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Samsung knows the cause of the Galaxy Note 7 fires

Note 7

Back in August 2016, the Galaxy Note 7 was released to the public. It was the latest and best phone in the Note series of devices aswell as the hottest Android device around. However, all of this was to be short-lived, when it turned out the Note 7 liked being ”da bomb” of the Android world a bit too much and decided to take that role a little bit too seriously, with reports of the device catching fire in different parts of the world, which ultimately led to a recall…

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