Nintendo 2DS review: Is it any good?

Nintendo 2DS

A few years ago back in 2013, Nintendo announced a new member to the 3DS family, the Nintendo 2DS as it’s called. As this name applies the 2DS is a 3DS without the 3D. It was released at the time the original 3DS and 3DSXL were still being manufactured and therefore doesn’t feature the slightly faster processor found inside the New 3DS and 3DSXL. It also differs majorly in two other areas, one is the design and the other is the lack of 3D. Nintendo 2DS design One of the…

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Nintendo 2DS vs 3DS: Which should I get?

Nintendo 2DS vs 3DS

If you’re reading this article you are obviously thinking about the Nintendo 2DS vs 3DS as a gift for yourself or someone you know and are most likely wondering if you should get it instead of a 3DS or 3DSXL. Well, wonder not anymore as I am here to help you. I own a 3DS and a 2DS. The answer is actually a case of a few things, which I am going to outline below. Nintendo 2DS vs 3DS: Price The 2DS has been designed with price in mind and…

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ZaKitane KOTION EACH GS700 Gaming Headset review: A stylish and powerful wallet friendly headset

ZaKitane KOTION EACH GS700 Gaming Headset review

Introduction: Welcome to my ZaKitane KOTION EACH GS700 Gaming Headset review. This is a relatively low-priced gaming headset (at the time of this review it’s £20.99). Design: I have owned a few budget friendly Kotion Each gaming headsets and not once have I ever been overly impressed with the build quality of any Kotion Each headset, that is until now. Yes, the material used is still plastic for the most part, but it feels much more sturdier than previous headsets from this company. The overall feel is just so good and I…

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Xiberia E2 Gaming Stereo Headphones review: A combination of comfort and style at a low price

Xiberia E2 Gaming Stereo Headphones review

Introduction: Welcome to my Xiberia E2 Gaming Stereo Headphones review. A while back I reviewed the Xiberia T19 surround sound gaming headset since then I have used two other Xiberia headsets, the E1 and now the E2. In comparison to the T19’s the E1 and E2 are both budget headsets. The E2 is by far the cheapest of the three but actually seems like the most stylish out of it and the E1. Design: I have to admit that I’m very surprised by the build quality of this headset. I usually find that headsets…

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TeckNet 3.5mm Stereo Surround Sound Gaming Headset review: An affordable headset with some drawbacks

TeckNet 3.5mm Stereo Surround Sound Gaming Headset review

Introduction: Welcome to my Tecknet 3.5mm Stereo Surround Sound Gaming Headset review. This gaming headset by Tecknet is an affordable option in the world of PC gaming accessories. Since this is a budget headset it does have a few drawbacks which you’ll find out about in this review. Design and comfort: Given the low price of these I wasn’t expecting much in terms of design, however, they do look pretty good. The material used however does serve as a reminder of just how cheap these are. They are constructed with mostly plastic,…

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Sandberg EsportsEquipment Warrior Gaming Chair review: Comfort at a maximum level for gaming

Sandberg EsportsEquipment Warrior Gaming Chair review

Welcome to my Sandberg EsportsEquipment Warrior Gaming Chair review. The warrior is one of two gaming chairs recently released under the recently released itself EsportsEquipment line from Sandberg. The other chair is known as the Commander. Sandberg has generously sent me a unit to review. Setup and design: As is the case with many PC chairs this comes flat packed so it does require assembly when it arrives. The chair comes in the following pieces: Backrest Seat area Left arm Right arm 5 x wheels Leg base Gas lift pole Solid…

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