Nintendo 2DS review: Is it any good?

Nintendo 2DS

A few years ago back in 2013, Nintendo announced a new member to the 3DS family, the Nintendo 2DS as it’s called. As this name applies the 2DS is a 3DS without the 3D. It was released at the time the original 3DS and 3DSXL were still being manufactured and therefore doesn’t feature the slightly faster processor found inside the New 3DS and 3DSXL. It also differs majorly in two other areas, one is the design and the other is the lack of 3D. Nintendo 2DS design One of the…

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Top Race 12 Channel Remote Control Crane review: A fun crane, that may just be a great Christmas present

Remote Control Crane

This remote control crane by Top Race could be a great toy for your child or children this coming Christmas day. It offers all of the fun of a typical RC vehicle but with added features such as the crane part which can actually pick things up. What is the design of this remote control crane like ? With a scale of 1:45 this is a mid-sized RC vehicle, which means it isn’t too small and neither is it too big, in my opinion, it’s just right as it doesn’t take…

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Reechin 180 Pieces Toy Building Set review: A fun and educational toy

Toy Building Set review

Introduction: Welcome to my Reechin 180 Pieces Toy Building Set review. As the father of a young boy, I know just how important it is for young children to develop through both play and basic education. This toy is an option that provides both of them. Design and quality: The idea behind this toy is a simple one. Your child uses the included plastic pieces and the board to create cool pictures. There are several different shaped pieces. Each shape comes in four colors, with each color having eight of each shape….

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Beby 3 in 1 Double Sided Easel review:

Beby 3 in 1 Double Sided Easel review

Introduction: Welcome to my Beby 3 in 1 Double Sided Easel review. Being the parent of a toddler in nursery, I know all oo well just how important it is for him to develop skills where it comes to letters, numbers and drawing. Design and build quality: The design of this is best described as ‘child-friendly’. I say this because it has a cute bear design, that consists of the main legs holding the easel up with a round shaped head with little ears on the top. It stands just like…

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Beby Kid’s Role Play Cash Register Set review: A fun and effective way to teach children role play

Beby Kid's Role Play Cash Register Set review

Introduction: Welcome to my Beby Kid’s Role Play Cash Register Set review. Role play is a really vital part of any child’s development, it can help shape their future and how they see things around them. This toy is an ideal tool for enhancing a child’s view of the world around them. Design and build quality: The set comes with a cash register with a conveyor belt and scanner, a plastic key, some paper money and plastic coin money, a plastic debit card, some items of food and a basket. The…

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Chuang Feng Toys Flexible Car track set review: A toy that combines imagination and fun

Chuang Feng Toys Flexible Car track set review

Introduction: Welcome to my Chuang Feng Toys Flexible Car track set review. Usually, when it comes to toy car tracks, you are given a set of instructions on how to build the track, this set, however, is different as it allows your child and yourself to make the track your own. Design: The set consists of 118 different brightly track pieces. Instead of being rigid track pieces, each piece can be set straight or even at a curve, this is what enables you and your child to create any type of track…

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Koiiko Voice Controlled RC Car review: An RC car with a difference

Koiiko Voice Controlled RC Car review

Introduction: Welcome to my Koiiko Voice Controlled RC Car review. I have reviewed and owned quite a few RC cars in my time, but none have ever been quite as cool as this one when it comes to controlling them. Instead of a typical control with directional sticks, this makes uses of a watch that is worn on the wrist and this watch can control the car using a mix of physical buttons and your voice, yes that’s right your voice can actually control this thing. Design: I’ll start with the car’s…

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Chengmei Toys Airport Playset review: A fun track based toy

Chengmei Toys Airport Playset review

Introduction: Welcome to my Chengmei Toys Airport Playset review. This toy is a fun little playset that aims to give children a fun experience while giving them a small view of what goes on with vehicles in an airport. Design: The set consists of 31 pieces, which are as follows: A plane 4 different cars Several track pieces Road signs Fuel pumps Some trees The track pieces all slot together to create a circuit that can be used to run the cars on. One of the cars has an interchangeable body and an…

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Keten Magnetic Building Blocks review: Imagination and co-ordination combined for a world of fun

Keten Magnetic Building Blocks review

Introduction: Welcome to my Keten Magnetic Building Blocks review: The idea behind these blocks it to enable young children to experience first hand a way to create different things which can ultimately be used as toys. One thing that can be created is a Ferris wheel that actually rotates, but there are so many things to build from houses to animals to things only your child can see in their own imagination. Design: Rather than being one already built-up toy this is actually 52 different bits that can be stuck together through the…

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Tribe Wooden Writing Puzzle Box review


Today I am reviewing the Tribe Wooden Writing Puzzle Box, which can be used as a whiteboard, a magnetic number board, and even a chalkboard. Design: The design of this product consists of a tray and a double-sided board that are used together to create a board that sits upright within the tray. The board is doubled side and has a whiteboard on one side and a chalkboard on the other. Each side is magnetic and can be used for the included magnet set that includes numbers, maths signs, and…

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