Sandberg Active Waterproof Bluetooth speaker

Sandberg Active Waterproof Bluetooth speaker review

The Sandberg Active Waterproof Bluetooth speaker is one of the latest products to Sandberg’s outdoor-centric Active product lineup. It features a built-in powerbank, an IPX7 rating and a rugged design among other things. Check out the specifications below. IPX7 Waterproof Bluetooth version: 4.2 Transmission distance:Up to 10 meters Working Voltage: 3.5-3.8 V Speaker Output: 2 x […]

Crabot C5 Bluetooth headphones

Crabot C5 Bluetooth Headphones review

The Crabot C5 Bluetooth headphones are an over the ear set of wireless headphones that utilize Bluetooth 4.1, for a pleasurable audio listening experience. The feature 40mm larger aperture drivers and a built-in rechargeable battery amongst other things. When it comes to looks the Crabot C5 Bluetooth headphones, don’t disappoint. They have a modern styling, that offers no thrills but instead […]

Dazhong Portable Wireless Microphone

Dazhong Portable Wireless Microphone With Built-In Speaker review: A two in one with a premium apperance

The Dazhong portable wireless microphone is a two in one microphone and speaker. This means it can be used a general microphone with its own built-in speaker or just as a speaker for listening to music through Bluetooth. Dazhong Portable Wireless Microphone product information The following information is taken from the product listing and is here […]

Truly Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

Soundpeats Q16 Truly Wireless Bluetooth Earphones review: 100% no wires, except the charging cable

The Q16’s by Soundpeats are the first set of truly wireless Bluetooth earphones I have ever used. What makes them different to normal wireless earphones is that they have no wire at all, whereas normal wireless earphones have a cable joining each earpiece together. Instead, the two earpieces connect together through a wireless signal, while […]

Bluetooth Sports Earphones

Sandberg Bluetooth Sports Earphones review: A combination of good looks and great sound

These Bluetooth Sports Earphones by Sandberg are one of the newest products available from the Danish company, who has over 30 years of experience in manufacturing and providing different types of consumer technology products from earphones to PC accessories. Over the past year, I have the pleasure of reviewing many of these different products for them, […]