Hlyoon Nose Hair Trimmer review: Get rid of nose hair on the go

Hlyoon Nose Hair Trimmer

The Hlyoon nose hair trimmer is a pocket-sized device that is waterproof. It can be used to trim nose hair, ear hair and facial hair, although it is best at hair trimming over the other two. Hlyoon nose hair trimmer design In terms of design, there isn’t much to the Hlyoon nose hair trimmer. It’s a pen-shaped device but is, of course, much thicker than a pen. It’s colored black with silver trimming running along the center of it. At the top is a removable lid that once removed exposes the…

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Bigjigs Wooden Biscuit Box Assortment review: Almost good enough to eat

Wooden Biscuit Box Assortment

This wooden biscuit box assortment by Bigjigs is almost as sweet as real biscuits. It makes the perfect addition to any toy kitchen or toy tea set table. It comes with a familiar mix of different family favorite biscuits. Wooden Biscuit Box Assortment Design Coming from Bigjigs I knew before this even arrived it would be of great quality. The wood used is strong and the paintwork on the box is fantastic. The lid is a rectangular shape and lifts off of the base and then simply sits on top of…

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Until You Coin Stealing Cat Money Box review: A cute and novel way to save money

Coin Stealing Cat Money Box

This coin stealing cat money box from Until You is very much a cute way to save up those pennies. It uses a set of batteries to power a cat hidden inside, which slowly opens the lid of the box and swipes the coin off the plate with its paw. What does the coin stealing cat money box look like? It looks like a small cardboard box, only it’s made of plastic and weighs a bit more. The box is a typical brown color but you can choose from four…

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Sharkk Basics RFID Protected Wallet review: A good looking and well made wallet

RFID Protected wallet

Quite recently wireless bank cards have gained in popularity and with that popularity comes an increase is thefts from bank accounts, this RFID Protected wallet is a device that can prevent this from happening. In case you’re not sure wireless cards are cards that allow you pay for an item or items up to the value of £30 (here in the U.K). The issue though is that they require no security verification such as a pin, which makes them extremely easy to steal money from. It’s a simple as someone…

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The Gym Keg 2.2 Litre Water Bottle review: Lose the bottles, get the keg !!

Water Bottle

As someone who does a lot of walking and bike riding in my extra time, I often have to carry a water bottle or two around to ensure I stay well hydrated during my time out. With a bottle like this, I am able to lose the need to carry multiple bottles around as this can hold 2.2 liters of water. The design of this water bottle As the name of the product implies, this is indeed a keg shape but it has a handle to hold it. The keg…

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Soundpeats Q16 Truly Wireless Bluetooth Earphones review: 100% no wires, except the charging cable

Truly Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

The Q16’s by Soundpeats are the first set of truly wireless Bluetooth earphones I have ever used. What makes them different to normal wireless earphones is that they have no wire at all, whereas normal wireless earphones have a cable joining each earpiece together. Instead, the two earpieces connect together through a wireless signal, while one of the earpieces connects to a device via Bluetooth. Are these truly wireless Bluetooth earphones well made? Yes, they are. Each earpiece is made from a strong plastic but feels nice and light in the hand,…

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Top Race 15 Channel Full Functional Professional RC Excavator review: A pretty much flawless toy

Full Functional Professional RC Excavator

This full Functional Professional RC Excavator by Top Race is a premium priced excavator that is complete with real working digger, 680 degrees cab rotation and rubber tracks. It’s definitely one for Christmas and as soon as I had finished playing with it for the review, it was handed over to Santa for my son. How well designed is this full functional professional RC excavator ? I love just how much this looks like a real excavator, yes it’s made from plastic and is about 10,000 times smaller but still it looks…

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Top Race 12 Channel Remote Control Crane review: A fun crane, that may just be a great Christmas present

Remote Control Crane

This remote control crane by Top Race could be a great toy for your child or children this coming Christmas day. It offers all of the fun of a typical RC vehicle but with added features such as the crane part which can actually pick things up. What is the design of this remote control crane like ? With a scale of 1:45 this is a mid-sized RC vehicle, which means it isn’t too small and neither is it too big, in my opinion, it’s just right as it doesn’t take…

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Toprace TRQ511 Quad Copter Drone review: Perfect for beginners to the world of drone flying

Quad Copter Drone

The Toprace TRQ511 Quad Copter Drone is a four channel drone complete with a 720p camera for video recording and photo snapping. It’s of the large variety but comes in at a very low price. It would definitely be a great starter drone for anyone who’s interested but not sure about them. Is this a well-made quad copter drone ? For the price, it’s being sold at, yes this is pretty well made. It is shaped like an X which means each propeller sits in a corner, which is quite usual…

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Crossrace Remote Controlled Rock Crawler review: Off roading is what this is made for

Remote Controlled Rock Crawler

Struggling to find a decent Remote controlled Rock Crawler for Christmas this year ? Well, then this might be a review worth reading for you. It’s not a top of the range RC car, but at its low price, it isn’t too bad. Is this Remote Controlled Rock Crawler built to last ? Well, I certainly can say it seems to be very well made. It has been used for a lot of off-road driving madness and has so far come out unscathed. It does have a few marks and…

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