BestFace 3D VR All in One Virtual Reality Headset review: No need for a phone with this one!!!

VR All in One Virtual Reality Headset

This 3D VR all in one virtual reality headset by Bestface is much different to the cheap VR headsets you will see on the internet, that often require the headset and a separate mobile phone to operate. This one essentially has the mobile technology built-in and runs a customized version of Android. A word of warning before I start the review I feel it’s important I say this here and now. There are a few reports that the supplied plug has blown in people’s plug sockets. Therefore I suggest that you immediately get…

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Lunch Box By Artic Design review: A well made lunch box that’s perfect for the gym

lunch box

This lunch box by Arctic Design is a good choice for anyone who takes a lunch to work with them or does a regular sporting activity. It’s a nice size that makes it great for salads and sandwiches and is even water-tight. Artic Design sports style lunch box design From the get go it is really easy to see that this is no cheap looking lunch box. Everything from the colors to the materials used give this a premium look and feel that just isn’t possible on cheaper lunch boxes. The choice of…

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Zedlabz Nintendo 2DS Hard Case review: A brilliant way to protect the 2DS

Zedlabz Nintendo 2DS Hard Case

While looking around on Amazon for a hard case for my Nintendo 2DS, I came across many decent looking cases, but there was one that instantly gained my attention and that was the Zedlabz Nintendo 2DS hard case. Zedlabz Nintendo 2DS hard case design As you would expect the Zedlabz Nintendo 2DS hard case is the same shape as the 2DS itself. It comes in two halves which join together to create a clamshell design that can be opened and closed to remove or replace the 2DS. It locks using some small…

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Global Gourmet Electric Tabletop Pizza Maker review: Home made pizzas just got better

Global Gourmet Electric Tabletop Pizza Maker

The Global Gourmet electric tabletop pizza maker is a device that combines two of my favorite things, kitchen practicality and pizza. This really is the device my kitchen has needed for so long. Global Gourmet electric tabletop pizza maker design The first thing that really stands out about the Global Gourmet electric tabletop pizza maker is the terracotta dome which gives it a vintage appearance as well as allowing it to give the bases a more crispy taste, similar to what you would find in an upmarket pizza restaurant. Of course,…

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Zulu Inferno Firecord Survival Bracelet review: A bracelet with a trick up its bracelet !!

Zulu inferno firecord survival bracelet

When it comes to extreme activities that involve using a forest or other out of mainland area it’s always important to go prepared with equipment should the worst happen and that’s where the the Zulu inferno firecord survival bracelet comes in. It is one piece of equipment that combines several smaller pieces into a bracelet that sits on your wrist. Zulu inferno firecord survival bracelet design At first glance, this looks like a thick corded bracelet with a compass on the top of it, but once you get closer to it…

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Magiclux Tech D9 Portable Karaoke Microphone review: A microphone with a 5 watt speaker

Magiclux Tech D9 Portable Karaoke Microphone

The Magiclux Tech D9 portable karaoke microphone is a two-in-one microphone/portable Bluetooth speaker that can be used for a party or even a conference meeting with a few people present. Magiclux Tech D9 Portable Karaoke Microphone design The Magiclux Tech D9 portable karaoke microphone certainly doesn’t look like any ordinary handheld microphone and that’s because at the bottom of it is a 5w driver that enables you to also use this as a Bluetooth speaker as well as a speaker for voice output. With this design, the top end of the device is…

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Limitless Equipment Mark 1 Survival Kit review: An essential set of bits and bobs

Limitless Equipment Mark 1 Survival Kit

The Limitless Equipment Mark 1 Survival Kit is the perfect item If you’re the kind of person who loves to spend a weekend away in the deepest parts of the woods, such as I am. The kit contains several things which could come in handy in an emergency. Limitless Equipment mark 1 survival kit contents The Limitless Equipment mark 1 survival kit is packed full of some survival essentials and even some not so essential things such as a stick of chewing gum and a condom just in case you get…

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Ziofen in ear earphones review: A refreshing break from Bluetooth earphones

Ziofen in ear earphones

The Ziofen in ear earphones are a pleasant reminder that even with an increase in Bluetooth earphones, companies are still making wired earphones in their masses. As a fan of Bluetooth earphones, I haven’t used many wired earphones up until I received these and decided to give them a go. Ziofen in ear earphones design There’s nod denying that the Ziofen in ear earphones are a stylish set of earphones. The style runs right throughout from the earpieces themselves that are made from a light metal and have a modern design…

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Hlyoon Nose Hair Trimmer review: Get rid of nose hair on the go

Hlyoon Nose Hair Trimmer

The Hlyoon nose hair trimmer is a pocket-sized device that is waterproof. It can be used to trim nose hair, ear hair and facial hair, although it is best at hair trimming over the other two. Hlyoon nose hair trimmer design In terms of design, there isn’t much to the Hlyoon nose hair trimmer. It’s a pen-shaped device but is, of course, much thicker than a pen. It’s colored black with silver trimming running along the center of it. At the top is a removable lid that once removed exposes the…

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Bigjigs Wooden Biscuit Box Assortment review: Almost good enough to eat

Wooden Biscuit Box Assortment

This wooden biscuit box assortment by Bigjigs is almost as sweet as real biscuits. It makes the perfect addition to any toy kitchen or toy tea set table. It comes with a familiar mix of different family favorite biscuits. Wooden Biscuit Box Assortment Design Coming from Bigjigs I knew before this even arrived it would be of great quality. The wood used is strong and the paintwork on the box is fantastic. The lid is a rectangular shape and lifts off of the base and then simply sits on top of…

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