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STM Myth 28-Liter Backpack Review

When it comes to transporting a laptop around on a daily commute, you have two real choices, use a messenger style laptop bag that’s more obvious or a laptop backpack, the latter of which tends to look less obvious when out and about. Backpacks also tend to offer more room for other belongings, you will need on a day to day basis.

I have to admit, I am quite impressed with how this backpack looks in both terms of styling and color. I was sent the Slate Blue color to review and like how it almost has a denim appearance to it, despite not being made with denim fabric. Elsewhere design-wise, you’ll find some pretty nifty features such as a luggage pass-through system, extra padding on the rear for comfort, internal cable management for charging devices on the go and lots of nifty compartments, of which I’ll talk about more further in the review.

STM Myth 28-liter

The STM Myth 28-liter backpack is not only designed to look good, and inconspicuous, but also to protect your expensive bit of kit. The inside of this backpack’s laptop compartment is covered with a soft velvet-like material that covers padding at both the front and back. Aswell as padding STM has equipped the Myth 28-liter backpack with their SLINGTECH protection which isolates the device away from the edges of the backpack, ensuring it’s as far away from possible bump zones as it can safely be.

Any good backpack needs to provide a decent amount of space, especially for the type of person who has to carry a laptop around daily. With 28-liters, the STM Myth offers plenty of room, but it’s how it has been designed to offer that room, that’s impressive.

On this backpack, you’ll find four compartments from front to back. The front one is a fairly sized pocket with plenty of room for a sealed lunch box or something similar, it wouldn’t really do for electricals or paperwork as it doesn’t seal closed. Next up is a zipped pocket with an equal amount of room and several compartments for your bits and bobs including a zip up internal pocket. The third compartment offers room and space for paper work or electrical goods. Lastly, the final compartment is where you can store your laptop or iPad safely thanks to the aforementioned padding.

STM Myth 28-liter

The STM Myth 28-liter backpack also features internal cable routing to allow you to charge your devices from a power bank when out and about. A nifty little feature for anyone with a lot of tech.

When it comes to backpacks, you ideally want something that’s comfortable, particularly if you’re going to be wearing it quite a bit throughout the day during your journey. Thankfully, this one ticks that box nicely. I have worn it a few times and have yet to experience any discomfort, even when hauling a laptop about as part of my tests. thick padding on the rear ensures maximum comfort, while the shoulder straps are easily adjustable.

Overall the STM Myth 28-liter backpack is a brilliant backpack for anyone who carries tech around with them on a daily commute. Not only does it look inconspicuous, but it also looks stylish and is very comfortable. With plenty of room, it’s the perfect accessory for a busy office worker or just someone who has to carry tech around all day.

For more information, check out the official product page.


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