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Sandberg EsportsEquipment Touch RGB Mousepad review: Sleek and stylish elegance with lighting

The Sandberg EsportsEquipment Touch RGB mousepad isn’t your typical mousepad. It’s much better in fact as it has a seven color LED light system that runs around its edges.

Sandberg EsportsEquipment Touch RGB mousepad features

  • Black coated aluminium
  • Anti-slip rubber on bottom side
  • Dimensions: 340x245x2.5 mm
  • 7 LED lights
  • Touch button

Sandberg EsportsEquipment Touch RGB mousepad design

Sleek and stylish are two very good words to describe the appearance of the Sandburg EsportsEquipment Touch RGB mousepad and that was my opinion even before I connected the USB cable to my PC. The mousepad has a black aluminium coated surface that looks gorgeous. In the bottom right corner of this surface is the Sandberg EsportsEquipment branding which lights up along with the edges of the mousepad. Located in the top center of the surface is a silver fingerprint icon, this is actually a touch sensitive button that is used to turn the color modes on and off as well as cycle between the nine different lighting modes, of which there are fast light modes, static light modes and flashing light modes. There are seven different colors within the LED system in use on this mousepad.

Sandberg EsportsEquipment Touch RGB mousepad  Sandberg EsportsEquipment Touch RGB mousepad

At the top of the mousepad is a silver metal casing, which is home to the wiring and LED strip lighting. Admittedly I do think it would have been a good idea to have a USB port present here to make up for the one that the mousepad has taken in order to power its lights. This is a particularly good idea as most consumers aren’t used to having to use a USB port to power a mousemat.

On the underside of the mat are five rubber feet. One in each corner and one in the middle. These are used to ensure the mousemat keeps grip properly, although I have had a slight issue with this, which I have mentioned in the in use section of this review.

With dimensions of, this is a fairly sized mousemat that offers plenty of room for movement. There is one issue I have found despite this fair size and this is in relation to the touch sensitive button, which is very easy to trigger, which means if the mouse goes over it, it does actually change the color mode. Not a huge issue but still a minor annoyance.

Sandberg EsportsEquipment Touch RGB mousepad  Sandberg EsportsEquipment Touch RGB mousepad

Sandberg EsportsEquipment Touch RGB mousepad in use

The smooth aluminium coated surface of the Sandberg EsportsEquipment Touch RGB mousepad makes mouse movement smooth and fluid. My optical mouse glides smoothly in each direction, which means I am able to play my games with no unexpected mouse mat related issues.

I do have one issue with the mousepad when in use though and this is down to the grips on the bottom. They don’t seem to grip my PC desk’s surface quite well, which means I have to ensure I don’t push the weight of my palm down onto the mat as this, unfortunately, causes it to move quite easily. It’s not a major put off for me but again is a slight irritation.


The Sandberg EsportsEquipment Touch RGB mousepad is a fantastic product, that bar from a few issues is one of the best mousemats I own. A combination of style and practicality make this a fantastic entry into the world of light up mouse mats. Sandberg has once again proven itself to be a good contender in the PC gaming market.

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Sandberg EsportsEquipment Touch RGB mousepad




Sandberg EsportsEquipment Touch RGB mousepad




In use



  • Sleek and stylish
  • Brilliant LED system
  • Smooth surface


  • Takes a USB port and offers none in return
  • Moves a bit on my desk surface
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