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Samsung Pay is finally available in the U.K

Samsung Pay, the long-awaited payment application for users of Samsung Phones in the U.K has today finally landed in the Galaxy App Store. It is available for users of the S8, S8+, S7, S7 Edge and the Samsung S6 and S6 Edge so long as they are at least running Android Nougat.

Samsung Pay

At this moment Samsung Pay is only available to customers of MBNA, Santander and Nationwide. If you live in London or visit London regularly, you’ll also be pleased to know you will be able to link your London Transport card to Samsung Pay. This will allow you to use your phone to pay for travel on buses, tubes, DLR, London Overground and several other London-based transport companies.

You are able to link up to 10 payment cards at once to Samsung Pay as well as up to 300 loyalty cards. So you aren’t lost for options there. Do be aware that as the information is stored locally on the device, you will have to manually re-enter the details if you switch to a new Samsung phone.

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