Ptah Tech Pocket Racing 2.0 review
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Ptah Tech Pocket Racing 2.0 review: Toy car meets software

Welcome to my Ptah Tech Pocket Racing 2.0 review. Pocket Racing 2.0 is a 2 part game that consists of one physical toy car and one tablet/mobile application. The application and the car work together to create a car game that is much different to others. The car itself doesn’t move forwards, backwards, left or right, but it does light up, vibrate at certain times and even completely has its removable shell blown off.

The car:

So I’ll start off my review by talking about the physical part of this two-part game. The car is essentially a black coloured body with wheels, lights, pistons to blast the shell off, a MicroUSB port for charging the internal battery, a power switch and lastly a micro-suction pad that enables the car to safely grip your tablet or phones screen, which in turn allows you to actually hold your device while you play, instead of having to lay it flat.

As I mentioned above the car itself is just a black body, but you can customise it using a removable shell. There are many shells available but this unit comes with just a green shell that sort of looks a bit like an Audi R8.

Even though the car does have wheels and they do spin, you can’t actually push it on any surface as the micro-suction pad at the bottom doesn’t allow the wheels to meet the surface. Which doesn’t make this a very good stand alone toy.

Ptah Tech Pocket Racing 2.0 review

The application:

Admittedly I didn’t have a great experience with this application and that’s actually my own fault as I tried to play on a mobile phone. I managed to find the application and install it to my HTC One M9 but given the fact this is designed for tablets I really didn’t get the best of this.

The application itself is fantastic and did provide me and my son with hours of fun. It was simple to use as well, you simply install the application and pair your car by scanning a small QR code on the inside of the shell, once this is done you are ready to go. Before each race or entering a garage to mod your car the application will ask you to place the car in a highlighted area on the screen, as soon as this is done your good to go. From here you can play the game, which has you navigating through busy streets and country roads as you race an opponent who is armed with weapons to try to prevent you from winning. If you have two devices and two of these cars you can either pair up for a multiplayer match with a friend.

I haven’t progressed too far in the game as I am currently waiting for my new tablet arrive to get more into the game as it just isn’t that good with the limited screen estate of my phone.


I am very impressed with this and think it’s a fantastic way to play. I will say that if you don’t have a tablet, but you really want this you should go out and buy a tablet because playing on a phone isn’t that good.

DISCLAIMER: I received this product at a discounted price in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.

Check it out here:

Reward and overall score:

Having earned 8.5 out of 10, Pocket Racing 2.0 has earned a Gold Reward. Scroll down to check out the full score breakdown.

Drawing concepts reward star1.3

Ptah Tech Pocket Racing 2.0 review


The car


The application



  • Great fun
  • Cheap pricing


  • Not so good on mobile devices
  • Car not so good as a toy on its own
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