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News: Sega Mega Drive’s First New Game In 20 Years

The Sega Mega drive may be a retro game console, that is obviously outdated by today’s standards, but that doesn’t mean, it has to be forgotten, does it? Well according to the guys at Big Evil Corp and several backers of a Kickstarter funded campaign, no it doesn’t, even 20 years later. The result of this success is an actual cartridge-based game that will work in a proper Sega Mega Drive console. The game is known as Tanglewood and it stays as true as possible to the 16-bit era of gaming.

Tanglewood sees the player taking on the role of Nymn, a creature living in a forest who must do all he can to survive the night. The game will have you running, jumping and taking out bad guys all in a similar¬†fashion to platformers of the day such as Sonic and Mario. Check out the footage below to get an idea of the sort of action you’ll encounter in this rather fun looking modern game made for the true 16-bit era.

If you like the look of the game, but like me, don’t have a Sega Mega Drive lying around the house anymore, you’ll be pleased to know, it will also work with Windows, Mac and Linux compatible emulators. The game is due to be released in June of this year and can be pre-ordered here.


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