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Halo Vapour Co Tank Kit 02 Review And Competition

The Tank Kit 02 By Halo Vapour Co is a budget friendly vape pen that combines simplicity and style to make your vaping experience a good one. It’s available from e-cigarette direct for only 24.99 at the time of this review.

Halo Vapour Co Tank Kit 02 Review: Product features

Designed with both starters and pros in mind, the Tank Kit 02 easily adapts to meet the needs of every vaper.

  • Complete E-Cigarette Kit
  • Simple to use
  • Illuminated power indicator
  • Compatible with 3 Coils for different performance levels
  • Vape while you charge
  • Matt Black, Stainless Steel or Purple
  • FREE bottle of e-liquid

Halo Vapour Co Tank Kit 02 Review: Design

The Tank Kit 02 is a pen e-cigarette, which means it looks similar to a pen in terms of shape and design. This has some benefits over a box style e-cigarette such as a lower price and less weight. As is typical with pen style e-cigarettes this comes with two main parts, the battery, and the tank. An MTL (mouth to lung) coil is also included with the set. An MTL coil offers the following benefits.

1.0Ω MTL Coils

  • Mouth to lung inhale
  • Tighter drag
  • Uses less e-liquid
  • Discrete vaping
  • Familiar for cigarette users
  • Longest battery life

As well as this type of coil you can also use two other types of coils with the Tank Kit 02 if you wish to. They are listed below with their specifications.

1.0Ω DL Coils

  • Direct lung inhale
  • Looser drag
  • Uses more e-liquid
  • More vapour
  • Medium battery life
  • Best of both worlds

0.5Ω DL Coils

  • Direct lung inhale
  • Looser drag
  • Uses more e-liquid
  • Sub ohm
  • Maximum vapour
  • Shortest battery life

Tank Kit 02

The Tank Kit 02 is available in a choice of colors. Stainless, black or purple. I have the black version, which has a matt finish for a smooth feel and sleek looking design. The Halo branding sits on the bottom of the battery in a vertical position and above at the top of the battery is the power button with two LED lights (one at each side of it).

It’s the perfect size for slipping into a bag or pocket when not in use as well. The small profile makes holding it in the hand a comfortable experience, with no issues at all.

Tank Kit 02  Tank Kit 02

Halo Vapour Co Tank Kit 02 Review: In use

Well into over a week and a half of using the Halo Vapour Co Tank Kit 02 and I can safely say it’s one of the best pen style E-cigs I have ever used. The included coil is perfect for my style and provides me a decent enough hit, especially when paired with the menthol liquid I chose (you get to pick a free liquid when you buy this).

I’m most impressed with the battery though, It can last me three days before needing a recharge, that’s brilliant, but there’s a feature that really makes me happy and that is a feature that allows you to vape while charging the battery. To help with this a long enough charging cable is also supplied.

Halo Vapour Co Tank Kit 02 Review: Overall

With a price tag of only 24.99 including a free e-liquid, the Halo Vapour Co Tank Kit 02 is a fantastic vape pen, for beginners and even vaping veterans. Its design is simple yet stunning and with a choice of three coil types, it allows you to have the freedom of variety and choice. There’s no doubt about it, that this is one solid vape pen.

To find out more information about the Halo Vapour Co Tank Kit 02 check it out at E-Cigarette.


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