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GLIME Wake Up Light Alarm Clock review

Waking up is never easy, especially when you love your bed, the GLIME wake up light alarm clock aims to make getting up and feeling refreshed and wide awake that bit easier. Sure it doesn’t tell you to stay asleep but it can help make those early morning get ups a bit more bearable.

The thing that sets it aside from other alarm clocks, is that it has a built-in LED system that creates a light to help awaken your eyes, very much like the sunlight would. It works by coming on 30 minutes before your desired alarm time, as it comes on it starts at its dimmest and works it way up to its brightest to ensure you wake up to bright light. I’m no scientist, so explaining how it works is hard, but I can certainly say from experience, that whatever it does, it works for me.

As far as features go, its packed full of them. You don’t just get an LED wake up light, you get RGB colors for the light, an FM radio, the choice of USB power or three AAA batteries, a choice between 24 hour or 12 hour time, several wake up sounds and the ability to use the FM radio as your wake up noise.

There are several buttons on the exterior of the GLIME wake up light alarm clock and at it first, this does make it a bit daunting as you are greeted by 8 touch sensitive buttons on the front and four buttons on the top. The buttons are used for various things such as setting the time, choosing between radio stations and brightness settings just to name a few. This means it’s quite essential to read the included instructions, which thankfully are quite clear and very helpful as well written in several different languages.

To really help emulate the sun, the GLIME wake up light alarm clock is fully round when looked at from the front. The LED light ring surrounds the digital display and front control panel. This gives the light a modern look and really allows for the light to do its thing, without disrupting the display. The back of the clock is home to a handle, the FM aerial wire, the power port and the battery compartment.

GLIME Wake Up Light Alarm Clock  GLIME Wake Up Light Alarm Clock

I have to say I am really impressed with the light feature on the GLIME wake up light alarm clock. I have used it every school morning so far to get up in time for taking my son to school and while it may not be thinkable, the sunrise emulation actually seems to be doing me some good. I get up feeling more awake and less tired. Yes it’s not as good as the real deal, but it has made me feel so much better in the mornings. The alarm part itself is also quite good. It’s not too loud, but its loud enough to wake up whoever is sleeping in the room its present in, I haven’t slept through it once.

GLIME Wake Up Light Alarm Clock

The FM radio feature is a bit hit and miss and I have so far found tuning it to sometimes be a pain in the rear end. That said, once I do get a signal, the quality is quite good and the audio produced is clear and crisp enough to enjoy radio shows and music.

Overall this alarm clock by GLIME is a decent addition to any bedroom. Its fake sunrise is almost as good as the real thing and the clock itself is packed full of so many neat features. The buttons are a bit daunting, but luckily the instructions are well written enough to make setting the clock up as easy as can be.


  • Feature packed
  • Good lighting system
  • Two power choices
  • Well written instructions


  • So many buttons

Check out the link below for more information or to buy the GLIME Wake Up Light Alarm Clock. Please note this is an Amazon Affiliate link. If you make a purchase after clicking this link, Amazon will pay me a small commission.

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