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Check out these tablets and PC’s currently on the Gearbest flash sale

If you are currently looking for an affordable tablet or PC for work or just fun, then check out these offers from the folks at Gearbest in their Gearbest flash sale. There’s a mix of tablets and laptops starting from as little as £50.00 aswell as tablet accessories from as little as £12.00. So why not take a look?

One such offer that has caught my eye is the Teclast Tbook 2-in1 laptop/tablet which is currently on sale at £164.34 which is a steal considering this is a device that dual boots both Windows and Android and has a Quad-core 64-bit processor as well as 4GB of Ram and 64GB of onboard storage that can be expanded using a MicroSD card. There are also plenty of other devices to check out at fantastic prices, so why not go ahead and have a look at the following link to see if anything interests you.

Gearbest flash sale


Gearbest’s flash sale (Click red text to open link)



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