Amzdeal Doggy Steps review: A brilliant way for small pets to climb up and down on their own

Amzdeal Doggy Steps review

Introduction: Welcome to my Amzdeal Doggy Steps review. these steps are brilliant for the owners of small dogs or other small pets such as cats. The steps enable small pets to climb onto their favorite chair all on their own. Design and quality: This set of steps consists of three steps that you put together yourself. They are made from plastic and come flat packed. Once built they do feel a bit unsteady, but if you read the title properly you’ll see these are for small animals, which actually rules my dog…

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Marsboy Hands Free Dog Leash review: A great lead with a few issues

Marsboy Hands Free Dog Leash review

Introduction: Welcome to my Marsboy Hands Free Dog Leash review. As the owner of a big dog I often find he is able to pull the lead right out of my hands on walks, not intentionally but if he’s being over excited. With this, I am able to put an end to that by using my waist instead. Design and build quality: This dog leash set comes with two main parts. A lead and a belt. Both of these feel really well made and I will go into each one in…

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Pushingbest Rechargeable Pet Grooming Clippers review: Shave your pet with ease

Pushingbest Rechargeable Pet Grooming Clippers review

Introduction: Welcome to my Pushingbest Rechargeable Pet Grooming Clippers review. These clippers are designed for household pets such as dogs, cats and rabbits. They are wireless which means you don’t have to mess around with any plugs. Design and build quality: The clippers are shaped like a typical pair you would find in a hair salon, with the only real differences being the size and the lack of a fixed power cable. The color scheme is blue and white, with the blue being mostly sandwiched between the white. At the bottom…

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Oria Pet Grooming Kit review: A three piece set to keep your pet’s nails healthy

Oria Pet Grooming Kit review

Introduction: Welcome to my Oria Pet Grooming Kit review. This set has been designed to give your pet’s nails a finish fit for a royal Corgi. It contains a file, an electric grinder and a cutter. Design: The first thing to impress me about this set is that instead of an AA, triple AA or any other store-bought batteries, the grinder makes use of a built-in 350mAh rechargeable battery that from experience does last the promised 2.5 hours and does charge fully in about 3 hours. The grinder is a tube-shaped…

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Marsboy Anti Dog Barking Collar review: An effective collar, but I won’t be using it again

Marsboy Anti Dog Barking Collar review

Introduction: Welcome to my Marsboy Anti Dog Barking Collar review. Before I start my review, I’ll just say that I won’t be using this on my dog again, not because it didn’t work but more because he seemed too discomforted by the shocks. After I noticed this discomfort I decided to hold the collar to myself and to my surprise they were quite powerful. I’m not saying this is a bad product, but I just can’t bring myself to use it again. Design: The collar consists of a normal strap that…

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