BestFace 3D VR All in One Virtual Reality Headset review: No need for a phone with this one!!!

VR All in One Virtual Reality Headset

This 3D VR all in one virtual reality headset by Bestface is much different to the cheap VR headsets you will see on the internet, that often require the headset and a separate mobile phone to operate. This one essentially has the mobile technology built-in and runs a customized version of Android. A word of warning before I start the review I feel it’s important I say this here and now. There are a few reports that the supplied plug has blown in people’s plug sockets. Therefore I suggest that you immediately get…

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Sandberg EsportsEquipment Wireless Sniper Gaming Mouse review: Comfort and simplicity in one

Sandberg EsportsEquipment Wireless Sniper Gaming mouse

Introducing the Sandberg EsportsEquipment Wireless Sniper Gaming Mouse. One of the latest additions to the already impressive EsportEquipment line of PC gaming peripherals by the company. Sandberg EsportsEquipment Wireless Sniper Gaming mouse specifications The following specifications are taken directly from the product page over at Sandberg’s website. USB interface Wireless frequency: 2405 MHz – 2476 MHz Optical sensor Up to 2400 DPI switchable 3-color LED lights 8 buttons Key life: 5 million Rechargeable 1200 mAh lithium battery Battery LED indicator Charge time: Approx. 6-8 hours Working time: Approx. 3 months Sandberg…

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Another Gearbest EU Warehouse Sale

Gearbest EU Warehouse Sale

My friends at Gearbest seem to always have sales going on and today is no different with the Gearbest EU Warehouse Sale in action. If you follow the link at the bottom of this article, you will find the EU warehouse sale page that is currently full of all sorts from phones, to tablets and smartwatches to toy cars and much more. Since this is the EU warehouse sale, you won’t have to wait too long for delivery and if ordering from in the U.K you won’t have any duty…

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January Tablet sale at Gearbest

January Tablet sale at Gearbest

My friends over at Gearbest have an amazing sale currently going on, where you could bag yourself a 2-in-1 laptop/tablet or a Windows/Android tablet. Since Gearbest is a Grey market importer (An importer that imports legal products that may not be sold in your country), you may or may not have heard of the brands, but I can assure you from my own experience these are fantastic brands that make use of parts from well-known companies like Intel. The brands included here are Teclast, Jumper and Cube Iwork. With options…

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Gearbest Jumper Laptop sale

Jumper Laptop sale

  If you’re in the market for a new laptop with a pocket-friendly price tag, then you should check out this Jumper Laptop sale, that is currently being run by the guys at Gearbest. The prices start as low as £125 and that’s for a laptop/tablet 2 in 1 combo, which at this price is a steal. In fact, each of the laptops in this sale can be converted to tablets, which makes this sale even more attractive. You can buy a 2-in-1 laptop/tablet for a lot less than buying…

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Check out these tablets and PC’s currently on the Gearbest flash sale

Gearbest flash sale

If you are currently looking for an affordable tablet or PC for work or just fun, then check out these offers from the folks at Gearbest in their Gearbest flash sale. There’s a mix of tablets and laptops starting from as little as £50.00 aswell as tablet accessories from as little as £12.00. So why not take a look? One such offer that has caught my eye is the Teclast Tbook 2-in1 laptop/tablet which is currently on sale at £164.34 which is a steal considering this is a device that dual…

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Need a new laptop/tablet two in one for less that £300? Check out these offers from Gearbest

offers from Gearbest

If you’re looking for a cheap 2 in 1 laptop that doubles as a tablet or a cheap laptop for work and have a budget between £200 and £300 then you might be interested in checking out these deals from Gearbest that are running until January 9th 2017. Please note this is not a review and I personally have had no experience with these products. The first one on offer is the Chuwi 14.1 inch lapbook that is powered by a 64-bit Intel Apollo Quad core processor and has 4GB…

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Over one billion accounts breached in Yahoo hack

Yahoo hack

You may have seen news recently about another Yahoo hack, but if not here’s some news about it. If you have a Yahoo account you may want to change your password right now as the company has confirmed that over one billion accounts were subject to data theft in an attack that took place in 2013. Yahoo has stated that such data may have included E-mail addresses, names, phone numbers, hashed passwords as well as encrypted or unencrypted security answers and questions. Back in September 2016, Yahoo suffered another data…

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ESYNiC 2.4G Wireless Ergonomic Design Vertical Mouse review: A good idea, but is it correctly executed ?

Ergonomic Design Vertical Mouse

Introduction: Welcome to my ESYNiC 2.4G Wireless Ergonomic Design Vertical Mouse review. With a vertical body this mouse has been designed with comfort in mind, but just how good is it ? Design and quality: I have used a similar mouse to this before, so I had no issues adjusting to the shape and style of this mouse. While I like the style I do have to admit I’m not overall pleased with the design of this mouse. I’ll go into why shortly. The mouse isn’t as big as the previous one…

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Silicon Power Blaze B30 32GB USB Flash drive review: A fast and beautiful flash drive

Silicon Power Blaze B30 32GB USB Flash drive review

Introduction: Welcome to my Silicon Power Blaze B30 32GB USB Flash drive review. In a day and age where everything is digital, we often find ourselves having to take digital files back and forth with us. To do this portable storage is needed such as a flash drive. Design and build quality: This flash drive has a stunning design that consists of a plastic diamond cut body and a metal swivel top that can be swiveled all the way around the device from top to bottom. This means it can be used…

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