Gearbest Jumper Laptop sale

Jumper Laptop sale

  If you’re in the market for a new laptop with a pocket-friendly price tag, then you should check out this Jumper Laptop sale, that is currently being run by the guys at Gearbest. The prices start as low as £125 and that’s for a laptop/tablet 2 in 1 combo, which at this price is a steal. In fact, each of the laptops in this sale can be converted to tablets, which makes this sale even more attractive. You can buy a 2-in-1 laptop/tablet for a lot less than buying…

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Check out these tablets and PC’s currently on the Gearbest flash sale

Gearbest flash sale

If you are currently looking for an affordable tablet or PC for work or just fun, then check out these offers from the folks at Gearbest in their Gearbest flash sale. There’s a mix of tablets and laptops starting from as little as £50.00 aswell as tablet accessories from as little as £12.00. So why not take a look? One such offer that has caught my eye is the Teclast Tbook 2-in1 laptop/tablet which is currently on sale at £164.34 which is a steal considering this is a device that dual…

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Xiaomi Redmi 4a Smartphone review: A decent budget price smartphone……………… from China?

Redmi 4A

Ever since I first read about Xiaomi, I have had an interest in their devices. Unfortunately, I have never owned one, well up until now as I have got hold of the Redmi 4A. Thanks to my friends at Gearbest, the online retailer that allows consumers to buy tech they may not find in their own country, I have got my hands on the Xiaomi Redmi 4A, which is the latest budget phone from the Chinese company. Normally Chinese budget phones are a bit well horrible in all honesty, but…

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Late Xmas shopping for a tablet? Check out these deals by Gearbest


While it may be too late to order a tablet now in time for Christmas, it’s not late to order one as a late gift that will most likely arrive by New Year. Our friends at Gearbest have a fantastic deal on many tablets in their HK, EU and US warehouses for you to sink your teeth into. There are many different brands, most of which you won’t find in most countries such as Xiaomi and in case your thinking that this is just imported rubbish, Xiaomi is currently the…

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Samsung knows the cause of the Galaxy Note 7 fires

Note 7

Back in August 2016, the Galaxy Note 7 was released to the public. It was the latest and best phone in the Note series of devices aswell as the hottest Android device around. However, all of this was to be short-lived, when it turned out the Note 7 liked being ”da bomb” of the Android world a bit too much and decided to take that role a little bit too seriously, with reports of the device catching fire in different parts of the world, which ultimately led to a recall…

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Beboncool Android Bluetooth Gamepad review: An awesome way to play games on the go (Competition)

Android Bluetooth Gamepad

The Beboncool Android Bluetooth Gamepad is designed to make gaming on your Android device so much easier. It can also be used with a Windows PC, although there’s no mention at all of Apple devices working with this, that includes the iPhone and iPad ranges. Design and build quality: The key factor for many people when it comes to picking a gamepad is, of course, the comfort it provides as you use it. This Android Bluetooth gamepad does provide some great comfort, although it can be a tiny bit rough, in…

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Sandberg Powerbank 18200 review: Affordable, Practical, Perfect

Sandberg Powerbank 18200 review

Introduction: Welcome to my Sandberg Powerbank 18200 review. Powerbanks have very recently become a huge area of interest for both consumers and manufacturers as they allow you carry about a portable battery station that can hold as much as 3X more juice than the battery in your phone. This means you are able to charge your a phone a few times or as such is the case with this Powerbank three phones at once. Design and quality: With such a large battery pack, comes such a large housing, which certainly is the…

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Fosmon Moto G3 Clear TPU Case review: A great case for protection, but design wise it has flaws

Moto G3 Clear TPU Case review

Welcome to my Fosmon Moto G3 Clear TPU Case review. The Moto G3 may be one of the cheapest phones on the market, but it certainly does look nice and that’s why I decided to buy this Fosmon case for it. Design and fit: There are several colors of this case available so options are there. I went for the clear see through case as I wanted to be able to see the red battery cover I have on my Moto G3. When it first arrived I loved the clear TPU…

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DISDIM Wooden Stand Up QI Wireless Charger review: A great way to wirelessly charge and use your phone at the same time

QI Wireless Charger review

Introduction: Welcome to my DISDIM Wooden Stand Up QI Wireless Charger review. In the past few years, wireless charging has become common amongst high-end phones and is used in phones such as the Galaxy S7 and the recently released only 2 months ago but now officially dead Note 7. Design and quality: While a lot of the wireless chargers you will see around are flat discs that sit like a coaster, this one is actually a stand-up one that holds the phone up vertically while charging it. From experience, this is…

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Teclast X89 Kindow Android and Windows 10 Tablet review: A dual boot tablet with a decent price

Teclast X89 Kindow Android and Windows 10 Tablet review

Introduction: Welcome to my Teclast X89 Kindow Android and Windows 10 Tablet review. This is a dual boot Android 4.4/ Windows 10 tablet. This means you have the choice of booting it into Windows 10 or Android at startup. You can also switch between the two when you’re using one of them. Specification and performance: Given that this is a low-priced tablet (only £65.99 at the time of this review), you would be silly to expect it to come with top end specifications, however, the specification list for this tablet isn’t too…

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