Morphy Richards Mico Toastie

Morphy Richards Mico Toastie review

The Morphy Richards Mico Toastie is a kitchen gadget that takes the often messy task of making a delicious toastie and makes it slightly easier. Unlike a conventional electronic toastie machine, this relies on heat generated from a microwave. It makes use of this heat using what Morphy Richards refers to as ‘Heatwave technology’ that […]

Melitta Cremio

Melitta Cremio Review

The Melitta Cremio is a milk frothing jug designed to make frothing milk a quick and easy task. So if you like your coffee frothed but hate the tedious task of manually making the froth yourself, this jug is here to give you a hand. Design-wise the Melitta Cremio is similar in appearance to a […]

iEpoch Digital LCD Kitchen Probe Thermometer review

iEpoch Digital LCD Kitchen Probe Thermometer review: Now you have no excuse for giving the family accidental food poisoning this holiday season

Introduction: Welcome to my iEpoch Digital LCD Kitchen Probe Thermometer review. We all know the importance of internal temperature when cooking meat, but quite often we never check it and just assume the meat is fine. Well with a number of different thermometers on the market like this one, there’s no reason to risk food poisoning […]