Auto Vox Car Jump Starter review: Portable and easy to use

Car Jump Starter

Introduction: Welcome to my review of the Auto Vox Car Jump Starter. This is a sleek and powerful jump starter that also doubles as a mobile device power bank for charging things such as tablets, phones and cameras. Design and quality: As you would expect with a car jump starter this is a very well made device that feels solid and looks it too. It’s made from a strong thick plastic and is complete with a black and yellow color scheme that Bumblebee himself would be proud of. There are a…

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Hoco UC207 Cup Shaped USB Car Charger review: A great cup shaped charger

USB Car Charger

Introduction: Welcome to my review of the Hoco UC207 Cup Shaped USB Car Charger. This is an interesting product as it not only charges USB devices it also adds an extra two cigarette lighter ports to make up for thew one it takes. It also has a cup-shaped design meaning it can be sat in your cars cup holder. Design and quality: As I mentioned above, this is shaped like a cup, which allows it to fit in a car’s cup holder. This is a pretty cool idea although car cup…

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Rock Ditor 2.4A USB Car Charger Kit review: A boring device that does a good job

USB Car Charger Kit

Introduction: A USB car charger kit like this one has become somewhat of a necessity for people who do a lot of traveling, as they allow users to charge phones or tablets as they drive. This is perfect if you have a long day out and your phone becomes almost flat before the drive home or if you just forgot to charge it the night before. Design and quality: When it comes to design, there really isn’t much to this charger. It’s rather plain and lacks any real design differences…

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Suaoki Mini Portable 12V Air Compressor review: A compact and well made compressor

Mini Portable 12V Air Compressor

Introduction: The Suaoki mini portable 12v air compressor is the perfect size to store in your car boot or carry around in your bag. Its portability is its true selling point and is what makes this difference from most others on the market. Design and build quality: The compressor has a small form factor that gives it a similar size to a small disc drive, although it is much thicker. Despite this small size it still manages to have features such as a light for working in the dark and…

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Taotronics Car Dash Cam DVR review: A decent dash cam

Car Dash Cam DVR

Introduction: Welcome to my Taotronics Car Dash Cam DVR review. Dash cam DVRs have become very popular quite recently and that’s no surprise given the amount of accidents on the road and the price of insurance. Drivers are constantly needing to protect their own back in order to prove who may have caused an accident. Design and quality: I have used a few dashcams during my time as a reviewer, but none have ever had a small form factor like this one. This is a small square-shaped camera that sits nicely…

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Trinova Windshield Water Repellent review: How well does it perform?

Trinova Windshield Water Repellent review

Introduction: Welcome to my Trinova Windshield Water Repellent review. Cleaning windshields and other car windows can be a bit of time-consuming task, particularly when it comes to dried water spots. The product aims to prevent these spots from forming in the first place. Ease of application: The product itself isn’t too hard to apply. There are four steps in the application process which are listed on the back of the bottle. The first step is simply removing all residue, dirt and if you had one before, the previous repellent from the window….

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Otao Handheld Car Vacuum review: It’s more than just a vacuum cleaner

Otao Handheld Car Vacuum review

Introduction: Welcome to my Otao Handheld Car Vacuum review. I have a few handheld cleaners, but that’s all they are, simply vacuum cleaners, this is actually a four in one device that consists of a wet and dry vacuum, a tyre pressure gauge, an electric pump and a torch. Design and build quality: The design of this is nice, the gold coloring and the styling are both beautiful, however, I do think the build quality could be a lot better. The minute I first picked it up I thought it was a…

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CHGeek Heavy Duty Two Port Car Charger review: It could one day save your life

CHGeek Heavy Duty Two Port Car Charger review

Introduction: Welcome to my CHGeek Heavy Duty Two Port Car Charger review. I have reviewed a few different mobile phone car chargers, but none have ever carried the extra functionality that this one does. This carries two features you may hopefully never need, but should you need them, they are here. The first feature is its weight, which makes it an effective glass hammer. The other feature is the rope cutter, for cutting seat ropes in emergencies. Design: This is fairly similar to most other car mobile chargers I have used,…

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Suaoki 12V Portable Pressure Sprayer Washer review: Perfect for the boot of a car

Suaoki 12V Portable Pressure Sprayer Washer review

Introduction: Welcome to my Suaoki 12V Portable Pressure Sprayer Washer review. Normal pressure washers are often large and require an external hose connection to provide them with water. This one, however, is tiny and has its own water tank which you fill yourself. Design: While most pressure washers are quite large and very awkward to store, this one is quite small, which makes storing it incredibly easy. You could store this in your car boot and forget that it’s even there since it’s so small. Although it’s small it does have…

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Topop Car Sun Shade three pack review: A simple solution for shading a car interior from the sun

Topop Car Sun Shade three pack review

Introduction: Welcome to my Topop Car Sun Shade three pack review. If you’ve ever had the unfortunate pleasure of having the sun shine on in your car creating a horrible hot atmosphere, then you will understand why these are something you may need. Design: There are three shades in this set, all of which are exactly the same. One side has a thin netting, while the other side has a thin plastic film that uses static to cling to glass surfaces. The shades can be folded into neat little discs so…

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