Elephas 1200 Lumens LED Mini Portable Projector review

1200 Lumens LED Mini Portable Projector

The Elephas 1200 lumens LED mini portable projector is designed to be a portable projector that you can easily carry around with you for the likes of a portable theater or an office meeting projector. It’s not the smallest mini projector ever but it’s still portable. A few bits of information about the Elephas 1200 Lumens LED Mini Portable Projector Please note the following five statements are taken directly from the product page on Amazon. This is meant for information only and will not be used for the final scoring of…

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Lunch Box By Artic Design review: A well made lunch box that’s perfect for the gym

lunch box

This lunch box by Arctic Design is a good choice for anyone who takes a lunch to work with them or does a regular sporting activity. It’s a nice size that makes it great for salads and sandwiches and is even water-tight. Artic Design sports style lunch box design From the get go it is really easy to see that this is no cheap looking lunch box. Everything from the colors to the materials used give this a premium look and feel that just isn’t possible on cheaper lunch boxes. The choice of…

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Zulu Inferno Firecord Survival Bracelet review: A bracelet with a trick up its bracelet !!

Zulu inferno firecord survival bracelet

When it comes to extreme activities that involve using a forest or other out of mainland area it’s always important to go prepared with equipment should the worst happen and that’s where the the Zulu inferno firecord survival bracelet comes in. It is one piece of equipment that combines several smaller pieces into a bracelet that sits on your wrist. Zulu inferno firecord survival bracelet design At first glance, this looks like a thick corded bracelet with a compass on the top of it, but once you get closer to it…

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Limitless Equipment Mark 1 Survival Kit review: An essential set of bits and bobs

Limitless Equipment Mark 1 Survival Kit

The Limitless Equipment Mark 1 Survival Kit is the perfect item If you’re the kind of person who loves to spend a weekend away in the deepest parts of the woods, such as I am. The kit contains several things which could come in handy in an emergency. Limitless Equipment mark 1 survival kit contents The Limitless Equipment mark 1 survival kit is packed full of some survival essentials and even some not so essential things such as a stick of chewing gum and a condom just in case you get…

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Until You Coin Stealing Cat Money Box review: A cute and novel way to save money

Coin Stealing Cat Money Box

This coin stealing cat money box from Until You is very much a cute way to save up those pennies. It uses a set of batteries to power a cat hidden inside, which slowly opens the lid of the box and swipes the coin off the plate with its paw. What does the coin stealing cat money box look like? It looks like a small cardboard box, only it’s made of plastic and weighs a bit more. The box is a typical brown color but you can choose from four…

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The Gym Keg 2.2 Litre Water Bottle review: Lose the bottles, get the keg !!

Water Bottle

As someone who does a lot of walking and bike riding in my extra time, I often have to carry a water bottle or two around to ensure I stay well hydrated during my time out. With a bottle like this, I am able to lose the need to carry multiple bottles around as this can hold 2.2 liters of water. The design of this water bottle As the name of the product implies, this is indeed a keg shape but it has a handle to hold it. The keg…

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Indesit Aria DFW 5530 IX Electric Oven review: A worthy replacement for any older ovens

INDESIT Aria DFW 5530 IX Electric Oven

The Indesit Aria DFW 5530 IX Electric Oven is a built-in appliance that sits within a built up housing (not included as this is part of your kitchen cabinets). It’s fan assisted,which means it’s able to circulate the heat, which in turn makes it cook food slightly quicker than a fanless electric oven. The design and fit of the Indesit Aria DFW 5530 IX Electric Oven As I mentioned in the brief introduction, this is a built-in oven that is designed and required to sit in a housing unit, that’s…

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Egoiggo S95X Android TV Box review: A world of entertainment at your fingertips

Android TV Box

An Android TV box is more than a typical TV box, it’s a gateway to world full of entertainment that includes catch-up TV, streaming services, games, music and so much more all thanks to the Google Play store, which is just the same as you would find on any Android phone. The specifications and software of this Android TV box The S95X Android TV box is by no means a powerhouse, but its specifications are well in line with its current price (£47.99). Under the hood, there’s 1GB of ram,…

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Langria Interlocking Plastic Wardrobe review: A brilliant modern storage solution

Interlocking Plastic Wardrobe

A few weeks back I reviewed a doorless version of a Langria Interlocking Plastic Wardrobe that is a fantastic product. This was a great wardrobe and this one I am reviewing now follows the same design principle, with the exception of added doors. How easy is this interlocking plastic wardrobe to setup ? Is the quality good? This wardrobe is extremely easy to assemble, although I have had trouble with the doors, which, I’ll get on about shortly, but first the main assembly. Just like the other interlocking plastic wardrobe I…

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Etekcity LED Desk Lamp review: A lamp for many purposes

Etekcity LED Desk Lamp

Introduction: Welcome to my Etekcity LED Desk Lamp review. Desk lamps are really handy devices, that can be used for a computer desk, sideboards or bedside cabinets. I usually find myself using them on my desk for late evenings of work. Design and quality: The design of this lamp is really stunning. Rather than a typical boring looking desk lamp, this one has an arm design with two points of bending. One point is towards the bottom, where the middle arm connects to the control panel area, the next point is where…

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