OULII Foot Compression Socks review
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OULII Foot Compression Socks review: Not so nice in the looks department but do they work elsewhere?

Introduction: Welcome to my OULII Foot Compression Socks review. These socks have been designed to relieve your feet from pains including those of a condition known as Plantar Fascistic. I personally don’t have this condition although I do use compressions socks a lot for other foot-related pain. Design and build quality: The first thing I will […]

Trinova Natural Shoe Deodoriser review

Trinova Natural Shoe Deodoriser review: An infusion of tea tree oil, mint and thyme oil to make shoes smell nicer

Introduction: Welcome to my Trinova Natural Shoe Deodoriser review. Smelly shoes are something we have all experienced. There’s nothing worse than you or someone you know taking off their shoes and letting the smell of feet fill the room. Ingredients: While you aren’t going to be eating or drinking this, it’s still good to know what […]

Littleducking Poppy Earrings and Necklace Set review

Littleducking Poppy Earrings and Necklace Set review: A stylish and fitting tribute peice

Introduction: Welcome to my Littleduckling Poppy Earrings and Necklace Set review. This is an affordable set of jewelry that consists of two poppy shaped earrings and a poppy shaped necklace/pendant set. Design and build quality: The main design theme of this set is, of course, poppies. Poppies are the flowers that we associate with the remembrance of […]