Sharkk Basics RFID Protected Wallet review: A good looking and well made wallet

RFID Protected wallet

Quite recently wireless bank cards have gained in popularity and with that popularity comes an increase is thefts from bank accounts, this RFID Protected wallet is a device that can prevent this from happening. In case you’re not sure wireless cards are cards that allow you pay for an item or items up to the value of £30 (here in the U.K). The issue though is that they require no security verification such as a pin, which makes them extremely easy to steal money from. It’s a simple as someone…

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Amzdeal 18 Piece Glasses Display Storage Case review: A great way to store glasses

Glasses Display Storage Case review

Introduction: Welcome to my Amzdeal 18 Piece Glasses Display Storage Case review. I don’t own many pairs of glasses but the one I do own, I like to keep safely stores, which until I got this case I was doing with normal cases. This one allows me to set upt0 18 pairs up and have them on display for viewing and quick and easy access. Design and quality: The design of this box is rather simple. It’s square-shaped with a lid that opens and shuts as well as folds to create…

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Arshiner Girls Waterproof Jacket review: A cute little raincoat


Introduction: Welcome to my Arshiner Girls Waterproof Jacket review. I have a 2-year-old niece who has recently started nursery and with the cold weather settling in she was in need of a waterproof jacket. That’s where this comes in. Design and quality: The jacket is available in several sizes from 1 to 6 years old, as my niece is 2 years old I went for the 2-3 years old size. Normally I go one size bigger when buying from a Chinese listing, but after seeing some of the reviews already, I decided…

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Just Love Leopard Print Women’s Onesie review: A cute and warm onesie outfit

Leopard Print Women's Onesie

Introduction: Welcome to my Just Love Leopard Print Women’s Onesie review. With the cold nights already here and cozy, it’s time to think about warm nightwear and onesies are a great example of warm nightwear. Design and quality: My partner is a huge leopard print fan, so this onesie has already won her over in terms of pattern design. The fleece material is lovely and cozy plus warm of course. It’s thick but not thick enough to make you barely warm, instead, it makes the wearer just the right level of warm….

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AMZ Deal Six Slot Watch Box review: A great way to keep watches safe and make them into great display pieces

AMZ Deal Six Slot Watch Box review

Introduction: Welcome to my AMZ Deal Six Slot Watch Box review. I have a small collection of watches that I often like to wear (not all at once, of course). This means I have the awful predicament of having watch boxes laying about and getting in the way, with this though I am able to get rid of at least five of them and store the watches in this box. Design and quality: The box has a stunning look that I wasn’t expecting. This isn’t any cheap looking box, despite being…

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Just Love Women’s Pyjama Bottoms review: Like hugging a soft fleece blanket and not wanting to let go

Just Love Women's Pyjama Bottoms review

Introduction: Welcome to my Just Love Women’s Pyjama Bottoms review. These bottoms are a brilliant idea for any lady who likes to feel warm in the winter thanks to the soft velour fleece like material they are made from. Design and quality: These bottoms are very similar in design to a pair of joggers you would wear outside, with the only real difference being the material used. As soon as you grab these for the first time you’ll instantly know these are designed to be perfect winter pyjama bottoms. The soft velour fleece…

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Merry’s Men’s Aviator Sunglasses review: Budget sunglasses with premium presentation

Aviator Sunglasses review

Introduction: Welcome to my Merry’s Men’s Aviator Sunglasses review. While summer is long gone, I still like to wear sunglasses. However, they do need to be stylish, practical and affordable at the same time, which is why I am giving these a go, to see if they can meet this expectation. Presentation and design: Despite costing below twenty quid, these sunglasses come presented nicely in a black box, that contains a leather carry case, a cleaning and cloth and a drawstring carry bag as well as the instructions and a test card….

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EVBEA Faux Black Pear Clip On Earrings review: A lovely budget pair of earrings

EVBEA Faux Black Pear Clip On Earrings review

Introduction: Welcome to my EVBEA Faux Black Pear Clip On Earrings review. Earrings are often an essential part of a women’s jewelry collection, some people like cheap earrings like these ones and some like more expensive earrings and some like both, so if you like cheap earrings or both, carry on reading this review. Design: An important thing for anyone looking for jewelry is the design and to be honest with you, the low price of these really shines through, the big black plastic faux pearl is cheap and tacky looking and…

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CuteHome British Style Retro Mens Canvas Messenger Bag review:

CuteHome British Style Retro Mens Canvas Messenger Bag review

Introduction: Welcome to my CuteHome British Style Retro Mens Canvas Messenger Bag review. I do a lot of traveling to various places and quite often I carry a messenger bag for holding various essentials. This one is no different and has been used the same way. Design and build quality: As you can tell from the title this bag has a retro British styling to it that looks surprisingly cool and inviting. The materials used are canvas for the main bag, while leather has been used for the straps. Metal has also…

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Oasap Men Classic Solid Lace Up Sneakers review: Are these cheap sneaker any good ?

Oasap Men Classic Solid Lace Up Sneakers review

Introduction: Welcome to my Oasap Men Classic Solid Lace Up Sneakers review. In life, there are tons of essentials and one of them is something for your feet, such as sneakers. This is a pair of cheap (£9.99 at the time of this review) sneakers that have a similar look to a more well-known brand you will have seen on people’s feet or in hight street shops. Design and build quality: These shoes have a canvas material and a low look style. They are available in a few different colors and sizes….

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