Poweradd Musicfly Bluetooth speaker

Poweradd Musicfly Bluetooth Speaker review

Portable Bluetooth speakers come in many shapes and sizes and are great for using outdoors, but that doesn’t always mean they are well equipped to be used outdoors. For example, they are often made without any protection from falls or water. That’s where the Poweradd Musicfly Bluetooth speaker is different. With a rugged design and an IPX7 […]

Edifier E235 Luna E

Edifier E235 Luna E review

Consisting of two moderately sized satellite speakers and a much larger 5.8Ghz wireless subwoofer as well as boasting features such as Bluetooth connectivity and THX, the Edifier E235 Luna E speaker system is designed to be hooked up to your T.V for an almost cinematic audio experience. Given that it’s got Bluetooth too, it can […]

Crabot C5 Bluetooth headphones

Crabot C5 Bluetooth Headphones review

The Crabot C5 Bluetooth headphones are an over the ear set of wireless headphones that utilize Bluetooth 4.1, for a pleasurable audio listening experience. The feature 40mm larger aperture drivers and a built-in rechargeable battery amongst other things. When it comes to looks the Crabot C5 Bluetooth headphones, don’t disappoint. They have a modern styling, that offers no thrills but instead […]

Conambo Active Noise Canceling Headphones

Conambo Active Noise Canceling Headphones Review: Noise Reducing Headphones At A Wallet Friendly Price

The Conambo active noise canceling headphones are affordable and stylish looking, but what else do they provide? Keep on reading to find out, what these sub £30 headphones have to offer you as a music fan. Conambo Active Noise Canceling Headphones Review: Product features The following list is taken directly from the Amazon product listing […]