Soundpeats Q16 Truly Wireless Bluetooth Earphones review: 100% no wires, except the charging cable

Truly Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

The Q16’s by Soundpeats are the first set of truly wireless Bluetooth earphones I have ever used. What makes them different to normal wireless earphones is that they have no wire at all, whereas normal wireless earphones have a cable joining each earpiece together. Instead, the two earpieces connect together through a wireless signal, while one of the earpieces connects to a device via Bluetooth. Are these truly wireless Bluetooth earphones well made? Yes, they are. Each earpiece is made from a strong plastic but feels nice and light in the hand,…

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Sandberg Bluetooth Sports Earphones review: A combination of good looks and great sound

Bluetooth Sports Earphones

These Bluetooth Sports Earphones by Sandberg are one of the newest products available from the Danish company, who has over 30 years of experience in manufacturing and providing different types of consumer technology products from earphones to PC accessories. Over the past year, I have the pleasure of reviewing many of these different products for them, which is why I have been extra excited to get my hands on their Bluetooth sports earphones. The design of the Sandberg Bluetooth Sports Earphones. What’s it like ? I own quite a few sets of…

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AUVI Neckband Bluetooth Earphones review: Good earphones, with room for some improvement

Bluetooth Earphones

Bluetooth earphones come in many different shapes, sizes and styles, One style I find interesting is the style that uses a neckband to securely hold the earphones in place while the earpieces are sitting the ears. This is the style that this set of Bluetooth earphones from AUVI takes on. What’s the design like for these Bluetooth Earphones ? Is the quality any good ? These Bluetooth earphones have been designed to be worn around the neck , while the earpieces sit in the ears with the cable heading downwards…

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Monstercube Flyer Portable Bluetooth Speaker review: Bland in appearance, but is it any good elsewhere?

Monstercube Flyer

Introduction: Welcome to my Monstercube Flyer Portable Bluetooth Speaker review. The Monstercube Flyer is a speaker that has been built with an urban outdoor design to it, making it perfect for meets in the skatepark or having clipped to your bag as you go out on your BMX. Design and build quality: As I mentioned above this speaker has an Urban design to it, that makes it look good in Urban scenarios. In my opinion, this gives it a very dull appearance with not much to look at. Instead what there is, is…

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Excelvan Hands Free Bluetooth Headset review: A modern and stylish earpiece

Bluetooth Headset

Introduction: Up until a couple of years ago the humble Bluetooth headset was simply a mono earpiece that connected to your phone wirelessly and was the friend of many business men and women alike. It seems that these earpieces are making a comeback as you will see with this one from Excelvan. Design and quality: This Bluetooth headset really does look the part, with its sleek design that consists of metal face plate on top of a plastic body. This gives it a gorgeous yet modern looking design worthy of a well-dressed business…

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Idealmuzik I1 Wireless Bluetooth Headset review: Impressive sound quality

Wireless Bluetooth Headset review

Introduction: Welcome to my Idealmusik I1 Wireless Bluetooth Headset review. This is a wireless set of earphones that have been designed with sporting activity in mind. That means these are a good idea for Gym goers, people run or even just people who power walk. Design and quality: The earpieces of this headset have a rather cool looking design, that is reminiscent of a tiny rectangle with a few small adjustments. The earpieces themselves sit at an angle that makes them extremely comfortable in use. Instead of a flat cable connecting…

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Hoco M4 Portable Wired Earphones review: Great sound but poor design

Hoco M4 Portable Wired Earphones review

Introduction: Welcome to my Hoco M4 Portable Wired Earphones review. While I am personally a fan of Bluetooth earphones over wired ones, I do like to carry a wired pair around with me should the battery fully drain on my Bluetooth earphones. Design and quality: When it comes to appearance these do look very cheap. I’d say they are slightly above Pound shop quality but below mid range quality, so they are in between. They come in three different colors, of which I have the white version with golden edges. To…

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Lightstory L7 Desklamp and Bluetooth Speaker review: A two in one speaker and lamp

Lightstory L7 Desklamp and Bluetooth Speaker review

Introduction: Welcome to my Lightstory L7 Desklamp and Bluetooth Speaker review. This certainly is different to most of the table lamps I have ever reviewed and that’s because it’s also a Bluetooth speaker. Yes, you read that right, this is a two in one device. Design and quality: This lamp/speaker is a round tubular shape that stands vertically. It actually sort of looks like a chunky candle in that respect. There are several buttons located in different areas of the lamp/speaker. On the front of the base are three buttons, two for…

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AMP X7 Portable Stereo Bluetooth Speaker review: A stunning speaker with stunning audio quality

AMP X7 Portable Stereo Bluetooth Speaker review

Welcome to my AMP X7 Portable Stereo Bluetooth Speaker review. As a fan of music, I can never be without it, that’s why I love Bluetooth speakers. I own a few but so far nothing has stunned me quite as much as the X7. Design and quality: Out of every single Bluetooth speaker I own, the AMP X7 Portable Stereo Bluetooth Speaker is the biggest and heaviest. This isn’t a bad thing though as the size and weight are part and parcel of the components inside this speaker. There are two…

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REALVOX Voxman Portable Bluetooth Speaker review: Small speaker, big impression

Portable Bluetooth Speaker review

Introduction: Welcome to my REALVOX Voxman Portable Bluetooth Speaker review. Whilst most portable speakers are the perfect size for a bag, this one is the perfect size for the outside of a bag or even the inside of a pocket. Design and quality: The first thing to come to my attention when I first saw this was the fact that it’s shaped like a can, only it’s a lot smaller than a typical can. In terms of size, it’s actually smaller than that certain finger I and many of you have…

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