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Amzdeal 18 Piece Glasses Display Storage Case review: A great way to store glasses


Welcome to my Amzdeal 18 Piece Glasses Display Storage Case review. I don’t own many pairs of glasses but the one I do own, I like to keep safely stores, which until I got this case I was doing with normal cases. This one allows me to set upt0 18 pairs up and have them on display for viewing and quick and easy access.

Design and quality:

The design of this box is rather simple. It’s square-shaped with a lid that opens and shuts as well as folds to create a stand to hold the box diagonally in a vertical position. Inside the box are 18 lined compartments that can each hold one pair of glasses or sunglasses. This presentation is actually quite nice and I also love how the white lining material fits so well with black casing itself.

In terms of material used the box uses both a black and a white nylon fabric. The white fabric inside the box looks well done, but the black fabric on the outside could be a bit better as it looks like it will scuff easily.

The lid of the box can be folded to form a triangular-shaped stand to keep the box standing up. This uses some clips to securely stay in place as its triangular form. Once up the box is rather sturdy and holds glasses quite well.

I don’t have too many issues with this build quality, but I do feel the outside nylon fabric could have been made a bit stronger to prevent it from scuffing too easily.

Glasses Display Storage Case review  Glasses Display Storage Case review

In use:

As I pointed out at the beginning of my review, I don’t have many glasses, I have six pairs in total, so I have had them all in place inside this holder and on display on my partner’s drawers upstairs. They look really good being stood up in the case, which not only holds them well, it also makes them a great attraction piece to look at.

As well as stood up you can also have the box laid flat if you prefer. These two options make this a great display option if you own a shop that specializes in glasses, whether for reading or protecting eyes from the sun.


I like this box, mostly because of what it does. It protects and makes a display out of glasses. It pretty well made although I do feel the nylon on the outside could be much stronger that it is.


I received this product for free in return for my honest and unbiased review. This has had no effect on my overall opinion of the product.

Check it out here:

Overall score:

Amzdeal 18 Piece Glasses Display Storage Case


Design and quality


In use



  • Looks good
  • Holds up to 18 pairs of glasses
  • Looks good on display


  • Nylon fabric on outside is a bit thin
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