Edifier XM3BT Multimedia Speakers Review

The Edifier XM3BT multimedia speakers are a 2.1 speaker system designed to be used alongside a computer or smartphone. They feature an FM tuner built-in as well as Bluetooth connectivity for mobile devices. Being a 2.1 system it features two satellite speakers and a subwoofer. Edifier XM3BT Multimedia Speakers Review: Specifications POWER OUTPUT :R/L: 8W+8W […]

Edifier W800BT Wireless Headphones Review

With many phone manufacturers, deciding to ditch the much-loved 3.5mm audio jack, in favor of wireless headphones, we are starting to see the market filling with Bluetooth headphones of all shapes, sizes and most important of all prices. Edifier’s W800BT Wireless Headphones are a wallet-friendly set of over-ear wireless headphones. While they don’t offer all […]

Edifier M1390BT Speaker Review

The Edifier M1390BT Speaker set is a 2.1 multimedia speaker set complete with Bluetooth connectivity as well as the standard wired connection option. It comes in with a budget-friendly price of £69.99 here in the U.K. Edifier M1390BT Speaker Review: Specifications OUTPUT POWER:R/L:8W ×2 + SW: 18W RMS SIGNAL-TO-NOISE RATIO:R/L:≥80dB(A);SW:≤0.5% INPUT SENSITIVITY:AUX:R/L:400±50mV; SW:230±20mV PC:R/L:600±50mV; SW:340±20mV Bluetooth:R/L:400±50mFFS; […]

Edifier P265 Earbuds review

Earphones are an essential part of my everyday life, I never leave the house on my own without a pair and my phone to listen to music while out and about. No ordinary boring set of earphones will do though, no they need to be comfortable and provide decent sound. So are the Edifier P265 […]

Edifier CES 2019

Edifier certainly has been busy with four new products announced at CES 2019. These products range from home theatre systems right to wireless earphones. From previous experience with Edifier products, there’s no doubt these are going to be bringing some serious audio pleasure when released. Check out the press release snippets below. S3000 Pro Wireless Speakers […]

Edifier R1580MB 2.0 Speaker System review

Edifier’s range of speakers is vast and wide with some costly options and some wallet-friendly options, the Edifier R1580MB 2.0 speaker system falls in the latter category costing less than £90.00, oh and it doubles as a PA system thanks to two microphone inputs. Specifications POWER OUTPUT:R/L: 21W + 21W RMS NOISE LEVEL:25dB(A) MICROPHONE DYNAMIC RANGE:-50~30dBV […]

Edifier MP200 Portable Speaker review

I’ve reviewed many Edifier speakers over the past year, but the Edifier MP200 portable speaker is quite different to what I’m used to reviewing for Edifier, as it’s, as the title says, ”portable’. Having been impressed many times by Edifier’s offering of bookshelf speakers, I was really excited to get my hands on this tiny bag-friendly […]

Edifier S1000DB review

The Edifier S1000DB is a wireless bookshelf speaker set, produced by Edifier, an audio solutions company, with plenty of different audio products under their belt, from earphones to amazing home theatre setups like the Luna E255. Their S1000DB speaker set is one of their top end setups that consists of two speakers in a bookshelf speaker […]